Motion detectors

for outdoor protection

Motion detectors are linked to Prodis 24/7 professional remote monitoring.


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You can configure this as needed to ensure that any movement nearby triggers the alarm. Motion detectors are calibrated to identify human bodies and avoid false alarms. Placed in strategic locations most needing protection, they are the touchstone of your security system.

Outdoor infrared detector

These detectors may look simple and elegant, but they also offer excellent performance. Your outdoor areas are secured thanks to the detection range and sensitivity is specifically programmed to be triggered by human intruders. 

Technical datasheet :

Radio sensor: Yes
Anti-mask: Yes
PIR technology: Passive infrared
IR coverage [m]: 24 m (2x12 m)
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Wide angle outdoor detector 

The VX Shield series has a 12 m range and uses 4 sensors, each with a 90° angle. Dual infrared and high frequency technology provide unbelievable stability, including in bright light, and they can detect attempts to mask the lens.

Technical datasheet :

Animal immunity: Yes
Dual-tech: Yes
PIR technology: 2 x Passive infrared
IR coverage [m]: 12 m
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Infrared beam detector

The detector is fitted with a photoelectric sensor, linked to video, and uses infrared beams to protect a specific area. It is triggered as soon as anyone enters the secure zone. Intruders are unable to determine the number and direction of the beams, securing your perimeter.

Technical datasheet :

Installation: Floor installation
Max. detection range [m]: 200
Height [mm]: 3000
Directions: 1x (180°)

This laser scan detector is designed for indoor and outdoor use, and offers vertical and horizontal protection, creating a virtual shield which triggers the alarm immediately in the event of intrusion. You can protect very large areas such as windows, ceilings and corners, and it is accurate down to the nearest centimetre. 

Technical datasheet :

Coverage [m]: 20
Surveillance angle (°): 95
Zones de détection : 4
Ingress Protection code (IP): 66
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