Thermal camera solution to combat fires

Immediate response once an alarm is triggered

How can a video surveillance system protect your recycling center ?

Thermal  technology is used to provide early warning. While smoke detectors trigger once smoke has accumulated, a thermal camera can be programmed to detect high temperatures and activate the alarm system before a fire occurs. 

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How does the thermal imaging fire prevention system work ?

Thermal camera technology is based on the detection of temperature variations. Based on these variations, these cameras are able to trigger alerts when the detected temperature exceeds a critical threshold. Rather than issuing an alert after smoke has already accumulated, the thermal camera can warn you long before the smoke becomes noticeable.

How can a thermal imaging camera protect your sorting center ?

 Waste collection   

Smoke and fire detection
Spotting overflowing skips and bins
Safety protocol for personnel

 Waste transfer

Vehicle monitoring and security videos

Advanced analysis of driving behavior
Detection of blind spots

 Waste recycling

Virtual security patrol

Control solution for patrols
Real-time incident reporting

Center access control

Fire prevention

Temperature monitoring
Early detection and warning

Intrusion detection

Perimeter protection
Alarm system alert

Entry and exit flow management

 Landfill site

Large-scale illegal dumping
Illegal waste incineration
Illegal dumping

How does the thermal camera security system work ?

Fire_alarm_for_sorting_centre_and_waste_collection_centre The thermal camera monitors access points and detects temperature variations. When an abnormally high temperature is detected compared to predefined thresholds, an alarm is automatically triggered to prevent the risk of fire.

The information is immediately transmitted to the control center for verification, guaranteeing data reliability and enabling appropriate action to be taken

The intervention service is quickly mobilized for a rapid response, and the relevant authorities, such as the fire department in the event of a fire, are immediately informed.

How does the thermal camera security system work with Prodis ?

Every site and facility has vulnerabilities that expose them to the  risks of intrusion and fire . To help you deal with these threats, Prodis offers you a  customized security solution . Our in-house alarm and response center is operational 24/7, ensuring maximum responsiveness and efficiency. Whether you need video surveillance,  alarms, fire detection or access control systems , we've got the right answer for you.

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Our solution is specifically designed to meet the particular needs of construction sites. This includes controlling access for workers and vehicles, managing deliveries, preventing theft, checking that personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn, and combating undeclared work. Thanks to our alarm centre, your worksite is under remote surveillance 24/7, thanks to our virtual patrol.

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